talking to locals

You might know her? She’s young and gorgeous. Goes to the supermarket in her gym gear. I’d be intimidated, would expect her to be super confident and superior. I didn’t have time though – and isn’t that the wonder of it. A good kick in the judgemental gene.

I was all caught up in my head while I transferred from trolley to belt and hadn’t looked at her, didn’t have time to make that silent call, when she spoke to me.

We bonded over raspberry yoghurt.

It was only a brief chat but I appreciated that more than she probably knows. Including me in her community with grace.  What a lovely young woman – my hope is that, like her goodbye to me, she has a great weekend.

I am having a great weekend thank you. Birdsong from the front of the house, waves from the rear. A large family of Noisy Miners doing what they do best – being noisy!! Ha ha. Their play session turns aggressive. They even swoop the much larger Magpie and I know she has at least one baby to feed so I try to give her some space while she eats… Her baby sings while waiting and what a beautiful voice! And a mass of sailboats glide on by…I guess they’ll be back later.

Did you talk to someone new today?


11 thoughts on “talking to locals

  1. Cordial encounters with strangers, they do add a bright spot to the day. Good to see you this morning Annie, I was just thinking about you yesterday while checking my posts…wondering how you had been and hoping to see a new post from you soon. Thank you for hearing my thoughts from so very far away…:)

    • Thanks so much Deb 🙂 I got so behind on reading posts that I felt overwhelmed when I’d even look so….I haven’t been around. I know I need to let that go! Hate to miss anything though!

  2. I can so relate to your first paragraph, having recently turned 56. I feel a bit intimidated by anyone who is younger – ha!

  3. What a lovely place for restoration, Annie. Thanks for sharing it. I can just feel that lovely air filling my lungs and the breeze caress my skin. Thank you! xoxoM

  4. Annie that looks gorgeous. I love talking to strangers, sometimes I meet the most fascinating people whilst waiting in a queue.

  5. Always a lovely day when someone thinks to include another. What was that line on Gone with the Wind? I have always depended on the kindness of strangers… ❤
    Diana xo

  6. “Young and gorgeous. Goes to the supermarket in her gym gear” – what a great thumbnail description. I’m so glad you bonded over the raspberry yoghourt! I know this kind of encounter and in a small way it’s ability to be life changing. What a lovely celebration of it!

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