continuing the conversation

It’s a suburb of the big city but this beachy side has a small town feel. Or there’s magic here…and I do want to stay. I took an extra day this trip which means the morning will be hectic. An early, long drive to the office from here.

The pace here is holiday the look super casual and reminds me of the 70’s, teen years. Thongs (flipflops!) or bare feet, board shorts, bleached unbrushed hair. Everyone just stepped off the sand, their boards leaning nearby. No hurry, no stress.

Yesterday I went to check my car tyres. Been on my mind for some time but just haven’t had the time to hunt down a petrol station with a working air pump. I found one, I committed to using it and of course it was old school. The newest, automatic ones are tricky – this was a daunting dinosaur. In keeping with locals being chatty the guy from the tank in front of me asked ‘do you want to use this? I only have two more tyres to go’…’I’m going to try’ I smiled. ‘I’ll do it for you’.

Say what?

Not I’ll show you, or I’ll do one…he checked the four tyres and brushed off my thanks before smiling and waving on his way. Infinite gratitude, seriously.

Today’s joy was an encounter with a lost dog on my way to a hair cut. A Tibetan monk told me long ago – there’s no such thing as coincidence. Tank man and lost dog? I could have missed either experience by minutes… This old dog was weaving across the narrow road. No ID tag. We walked together til he turned up the third drive, and I watched til he was out of sight.  I couldn’t find anyone to hand him over to but he walked up that steep driveway so slowly, home. Paused a few times and looked deep into my eyes – do I know you? come on, come with me? come and meet the folks? or, thanks for bringing me home.

I’m going home tomorrow too. Until I can make this my home. And when I’m back I’ll keep my eye out for both of them.

man at petrol station – black tank, great blue shoes

surfer man at supermarket

a smile per aisle

late night abortive fish run

lost dog



wind, laziness, peace


7 thoughts on “continuing the conversation

  1. Wonder who that dog might have been…just a new friend, or old stopping around to visit. No matter at this time, as it was obviously what was needed 🙂

  2. I love the way you think and write!

  3. Ah, yes, we always receive what we need, Annie.

    You remind me of my own car dilemmas these days. Not having owned one in over 30 years, whenever I drive it’s a rental. Since gas stations in our part of the globe are generally self-service (unlike what they were like 30 years ago!), my first hurdle is to remember which side of the car the gas tank is on. The second is how to open the darn thing and pump the gas!

    Love the pup. I’m having a warm feeling in my heart even from this far away in time and space! 😉 xoxoM

    • Our petrol stations are self serve too so I’ve got that pretty much under control. Air in the tyres is a different matter though ha ha! I totally understand your predicament, as you do mine .
      Haven’t seen the dog since M, but I look for him whenever I’m there… xx

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