inner city sunday

There are two families across the road with young children, daughters, of similar ages. The last two weekends have been full of play and laughter, loud happy voices. Sounds that should bring heart gladness and yet, are actually annoying. Perhaps just sound on Sunday morning gets me that way.

So there’s that.

Then there’s the cigarette smoke I go to sleep with. Late, late at night it’s like someone is sitting on the end of my bed smoking one after another. Our houses are all joined, row houses, but still… I can only guess that one of the kids next door is on their balcony, or their roof deck. Is the smell coming down the chimney?

I have times I’m so blissed out none of this worries me. I wouldn’t even notice it. When I’m raw and fragile the laughter pin pricks my skin, the nicotine clogs my airways. What to do about external things that become a part of your story unbidden?

We had lunch at the pub today. Fake lunch – three bites do not a meal make, delicious though they be. Two generations to celebrate the young one’s birthday. And rooms full of about to go to the football-ers. Sweaty, sardine standing room only, lose your voice bar. Staff bringing food slowly, breaking glasses, deer in the headlight eyes… The pub wasn’t coping – it’s seams burst.

And then they went off to see their team win. I watched from the couch.

A good end to a crazy week of work and/or a distracting beginning to the ‘procedure week’ – the looming of it hanging heavier the closer it gets. Countdown to over though!


14 thoughts on “inner city sunday

  1. I understand this kind of irritation and stress. Thinking of you! xxxx

  2. “Countdown to over though!” There’s your culprit, Annie! lol xoxoM

  3. Isn’t it odd how things can set one off depending upon the given moment or mental outlook. It seems that as I get older I notice this even more. I hope that I’m not turning into someone who expects the world to bow to me and my changeable moods…I believe they often call those ladies ‘crotchety’ and I’m not sure I want to be one quite yet.
    The smoking though, another issue altogether and one that I might just call on my bitchy side for in an attempt to direct the offender to another open area not so close to your bedroom. YUCK.
    Best to you as you approach the procedure, and soon can check off the box next to ‘over’ 🙂

    • I catch myself when I’m in one of those moods with exactly that though Deb – do not become a crotchety old woman!!
      I love the community of blogging, the friends we’ve found, the comments so helpful when I need them.
      Thank you xx

  4. I once lived in an apartment that faced the alley where the garbage dumpster is and in the summer, my apartment got so hot I had to open the patio door, but then I would smell the fermenting garbage! I had to choose between heat exhaustion and nausea from the smell of garbage. ❤
    Diana xo

  5. Annie it is amazingly annoying that when you are tired and stressed everything else seems too hard. I hope this week you feel the joy of children’s laughter. Although I always get nervous when we hear kids laughing and squealing because my son cannot handle the high pitched stuff. So what can seem like harmless play to some use to end in meltdowns for us. Hopefully this will be the week your smoker quits! Now that would be a blessed miracle. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t have neighbours.

    • I love the fact that by sharing my thoughts, my experiences, I get so much help in the comments. Thanks so much Kath for your perceptive reading of it.
      Once this test is done I expect to be alot calmer and then perhaps the children’s laughter next weekend will light up my day 🙂 Although, like your son, I prefer less noise in general..and as you know, would enjoy a bit more distance between me and neighbours.
      And what a wonderful thought re the smoker…

  6. You have every reason to find that situation difficult.

    Whenever I want something to change, I hold the person or the situation in light. I suggested this to a good friend of mine, she had young teenage boys throwing wild parties in her apartment block each week, so everyday she visualised covering light around the boys and their apartment. It took a few weeks but for no apparent reason, they moved out! It was so funny and we often tell this story reminding each other the power we have to create a different outcome in our life.

    It cant hurt to try 🙂

    • Thanks so much – a wonderful reminder to see a situation differently, and my response to it. As I mentioned on other comments – a great blessing from blogging is the help received after posting something like this 🙂 x

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