who’s counting?

Daryl is singing to me while I write to you. The kids are always joking he’s my next husband but we all know that’s not going to happen. I mean we’d have to meet first, right!?!

How the heck did I get here? In one minute it’s 55 years since I was born. There it goes. The clock ticked! Only a couple of years ago I found out the time of my birth so it was actually really cool to watch it on the screen just now.

The tests were all clear but I guess you knew that would be the outcome. It’s the waiting, the anticipation that’s the worst. Note to self – in future when you ring for an appointment take the first one, don’t give yourself weeks to wimp it up!

I keep dodging bullets! No excuses, the big girl says ‘you’re so much healthier than you think you are’…yeah.

Just one more tune. Wait, Billy Thorpe is third ahead – he can sing to me then I’ll go upstairs. We’ll see what 55 looks like in the morning 😉

(throw your hands up in the air if you know who daryl; and billy thorpe are. geography will out you methinks)


11 thoughts on “who’s counting?

  1. Well I know Billy Thorpe.. but Daryl? I’m tossing up between Braithwaite and Cotton. Happy 55th Birthday. I hope the day is a wonderful one for you, filled with love, laughter and happiness xxx

    • 🙂 Braithwaite – well done Livonne, I can expect no less from you X
      I think I’m going to be alone tomorrow but I will have fun I promise – I’m thinking of going to a photography exhibition at the art gallery xx

  2. Happy birthday, Annie! So many wonderful adventures still await you. ;D xoxoM

  3. Very glad that all went well, and for the report that all went well…
    Happy Birthday! 55 seems like ages ago–6 months to be exact 😉
    Each year since 50 I have asked myself how I could possibly, and suddenly, moved into the realm of being closer to rather than farther away from 100-astounding.

  4. UpChuckingwords

    Happy Birthday! For some reason now I have Sammy Hagar’s voice in my hard singing ” I can’t drive 55″ and I have no idea who Daryl is or Billy Thorpe? Oh well. Hope you had a great day..Audra

    • UpChuckingwords

      Ps head not hard. Damn autocorrect

    • I did have a lovely day thanks Audra 🙂 and hey at least I brought music to your head! Never heard of the guy / song you mentioned so I youtubed it…Daryl Braithwaite and Billy Thorpe are aussie rock legends so I’m not surprised you didn’t know…was a good test 😉

      enjoy 🙂

  5. So happy Annie you got a good result. Happy birthday and yes I was going to say Daryl B as well. Only a couple of years behind you.

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