This is going to sound strange. I was going to say even to me but maybe that should read especially to me!

Here it is though… If I’m home alone during the day I put the tv on. Yes, I’ve been watching day time tv. And, there’s nothing on so I found myself on the religious channel.

I’m definitely NOT a Christian – you all know that by now right? I’m finding it uplifting just the same! I guess I’m approaching it, removing the god word, like motivational speakers. Like Hay House type sessions. #joelosteenrocks #justsaying and #youknowit !



12 thoughts on “evangelism

  1. As an atheist I am both puzzled by and fascinated by religion, especially evangelical might. Charismatic leaders touch something in many people, and that is their key to selling their god I believe so I can see the connect to the motivational speaker ideal-that is exactly what they provide. Personally, I have never been able to see beyond the hype folks like this put out, and their performance is just that, a well rehearsed act so I can’t take the encounters for long. I get irritated and angry and feel much too pushed (forced) to believe a message that I find to be false.

    • I think you hit it with ‘fascinated’ – I think I find his speil fascinating….I won’t be converted though 😉 and yes, for the most part I find charismatic talk cultish and disturbing…when I’ve listened to this one I’m not hearing so much about god I guess.

  2. I think there is truth tucked in everything. I am a Christian, and I find Christian TV boring and a tad hokey. Go figure, eh? ❤
    Diana xo

  3. I can’t listen to or watch the evangelists, I admit. However, on a recent trip, I found myself in a rental car in the Bible belt. I had two listening choices on the car radio for a long drive: country or Christian. I found much of the current Christian music uplifting. The energy was good and some of the lyrics. Go figure!

  4. I love this stuff, as long as you filter it, which it sounds like you’re doing. It can be incredibly uplifting. Have fun with it. Did you read our blog post about The Worship Centre in Samoa? It was a fabulous experience: http://alisonanddon.com/2015/01/26/oh-my-god-the-religion-of-samoa/
    Alison xox

  5. I’m the opposite Annie I find that our religion is between ourselves and the man upstairs or whomever you follow. Those shows make me cringe, well the ones that try to shove their beliefs in your face. I have not watched one for so long, maybe someone has got it right by now.

    • I don’t think you’d find they’ve necessarily got it right Kath. I think I’m just fascinated by this particular guy. How can he keep speaking for so long at a time, with such confidence? Etcetc. Major salesman genes for sure. And the size of the live audience is scary!!

      He does have an uplifting message but you can actually take god right out if it…

  6. UpChuckingwords

    It’s amazing what an open mind will catch, right 🙂

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