getting on with it

I was just up at the beach for a couple of days. Clearing my belongings from the house, packing my dreams back into the car, I’d been there a couple of minutes… And while I’m driving the bush track ‘home’ I feel like I haven’t been on that road in a couple of months.

Time is a strange elusive creature. Hard to pin down. Messes with your mind.

It ducked and weaved 72 hours of my life while I ate lunch at 3pm; slept (on the couch) at 3am, read on the deck, photographed that same open mouth view, and watched day time tv. No shortage of firewood this time and snuggly warm. I did a little work.

Locals I met with today talked of the big wind – did I sleep through that? Or is that why I was awake til 3 one night…after the Really big wind two weeks back perhaps I just wasn’t impressed by it’s effort. In any case I couldn’t add to the conversation.

Last night – in another time and place – someone was visited by two real estate agents, signed a contract and SOLD the marital home. Yes, that was me. All part of the fabric of my life.

The change begins friends….stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “getting on with it

  1. As hard as it can be.. it’s time for new beginnings.. 🙂

  2. I will be waiting to see where your path leads you Annie, change is as good as a holiday and a tree change for us was life altering. In a good way.

  3. Here’s to finding your way through AND not being a slave to time:). Both laudable and magnificent!

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