wake up laughing

Last night I slept on the couch. It’s warmer in here by the fire, and last time I was here I found it sooo comfortable. I woke up with a sore back/neck this time but I think, after the car accident last week, the support wasn’t right. I’m doing it again though – just opening the door, padding up the corridor to the bathroom, icicles form on any exposed bits. It’s just too cold to leave this room, sorry house owner who hates anyone sleeping on the couch!!

Waking up in this room wins awards 🙂 I haven’t seen many sunrises in my life and my eyes opened just after it today but the light was exquisite. Then, a bush turkey tiptoeing across the roof. Took me a few minutes to identify the footsteps in my half sleep haze…but oh they make me laugh. Sounds like someone trying to walk in heels – but they’re never going to get the hang of it!

Loud whoosh overhead and a small village of cockatoos landed on the wires beyond the garden. Their arrival was celebrated by a welcome laugh chorus of more kookaburras than I could work out.

The best thing about it all was knowing I have another three, or four, wakeups like that to go.


9 thoughts on “wake up laughing

  1. Car accident? Hope you are okay, and also fires and cold seem so funny to read about right now. We are in the 90’s and our forests are burning 😦

  2. Sorry to hear you had an accident Annie it sounds like you are taking the time to heal. I sleep by the fire too, accidentally and wake up all crooked.

  3. So glad you are okay!!!

  4. I love sleeping on the couch! Hope your neck heals up quickly. Lovely dawn chorus to wake up too. Sweet.
    Alison xox

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