the early bird catches the longboarder

All my talk of huddling by an open fire at night doesn’t give you the scoop that the days are warm and blue skied. Warm enough anyway.

I drove down to the park yesterday, hoping to get a coffee but also the obligatory beach house garbage run. It was summer like in swarms of day trippers! Took me by surprise but yeah, standing room only this suburb.

The coffee queue was ridiculous. I realised I could do without. Remember not so long ago when going out for a coffee wasn’t even a thing? And now everyone Needs one, so much so they’d queue the sunny day away to get a grip on that paper cup of frothy goodness. Hmm, wish I had one right now!

There’s a spot near the children’s playground, the one with the boat shaped climbing frame, where cockatoos convene. And there they were. It’s almost like they were trading photographs for food – it was working for them. Like some organised tourist attraction.

It must have been longboarders meeting day and damn I missed it. Saw a bunch of old surfers standing around, wetsuits half down. And when I say old I mean perfect vintage 😉 Very nice scenery. Talking waves. Heading home.

Note to self – got to get up earlier…


6 thoughts on “the early bird catches the longboarder

  1. Love this! The coffee lines, the longboarders. Sounds like great outing. how long you got at the beach? Yeah Annie! Gotta get up earlier 🙂
    Alison ❤

    • One more day Alison 🙂 Won’t be getting up early tomorrow though – up late tonight watching Wimbledon. I think I’m back at the beach in a couple of weeks though…will check the roster when home x

  2. Now I’m going to have a coffee, Annie. That coffee shop must make a fortune on the weekends 🙂

  3. Get up earlier – yes (note to myself!)

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