a hit of caffeine


The guy with the grazed cheek had actually ordered before me but he got aggro about the ticking time and the barista, who looks like a heroin addict, served me first. You want good customer service don’t give the one behind the counter crap! Simple. Respect to he who wields the frothing jug.

He looked like he’d been in a fight. He was uncomfortable, shifting and glancing, and then I realised he was familiar…a footballer. The facial mess no doubt from last night’s game – got off lightly then!

I think he wanted to get in and out quickly – didn’t want to be recognised. And he had a girl waiting outside he wanted to impress – the slight caffeine delay probably didn’t have any affect. He needn’t have worried.

The waitress is pregnant – baby is barista boy’s. The waiter’s eyes indicate he likes a high as well. Catches my eye as he flourishes the salt grinder. There’s skill beyond that avocado on toast dish…

The coffee is good. Take away.


8 thoughts on “a hit of caffeine

  1. Fun to sit with a cup of coffee, and then sit and people watch.

  2. Wow what a scene. You say so much with so few words. Brilliant.

  3. Local coffee shop? You are one of the best bloggers I know on observational skills, and then writing about life in such a straightforward way. Glad the coffee was good or this may have been another post altogether πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks so much Deb – such a nice comment. Yes, this was just down the road…time of day when all the world is waking up and looking for caffeine at once! The coffee surprised me by how good it was!

  4. Annie you paint an interesting picture here, I can tell you are a people watcher, its a bad habit of mine too.

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