a bit of character


Without benefit of parents the four siblings are a disparate bunch for many more reasons than I’ll go into here.

I just want to talk about heritage.

Sibling no. 1 only identifies as Scottish. Dismisses the Irish side and even the very real Australian that they actually are. The youngest doesn’t acknowledge being anything but of Irish descent.

They’ll be spending some time with extended family and no. 1 is nervous. ‘There’ll be conflict – those fighting Irish’. ‘We’re calm like the Scottish side’.

Nonsensical. Bollocks.

The Scottish side is repressed, anxious. Have a conversation, get it out in the open, come on.

I don’t believe any of these family characteristics have ethnic origins 😉



4 thoughts on “a bit of character

  1. Funny how we choose to identify with a specific ideal isn’t it, and then can’t begin to understand when others question both our choice and identity as reality…

  2. I have a mad Irish side and a quiet Danish side Annie, all a bit of fun to think about our heritage.

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