dream weaver


Tell me what you know about dreams.

I’ve been heard to say ‘I don’t dream, or if I do I don’t remember’ and it’s been true for the longest time. I haven’t slept well for a very long time either.

A couple of weeks ago, this winter suddenly became ridiculously cold. White flakes fell from the sky in places previously unknown. (Cameras came out, mountain road traffic jam)

I’m not sure if you dream when deeply asleep, but despite being so cold in this house I have finally found a happy medium in bed. I am toasty warm and achieving a good amount of zzz’s every night. Between me, the old cat, and the yak blanket life is good!

And the dreams began!

No waking in the darkness, first thing every morning I remember the intense, involved story from the night before. So much detail, so real. So much fun! All good dreams…

Are dreams premonitions? wishes? what, what?


19 thoughts on “dream weaver

  1. Changes are afoot, and hopefully the goodness of the dreams signal goodness elsewhere 🙂

  2. Oh what fun! Dreams from the night can be so entertaining. And informative. I think dreams can be premonitions, and/or symbolic, and/or the end of an issue that needed healing, and/or a message from the soul, and/or . . . . .? They always always get me thinking about them, trying to interpret, to glean the full message.

  3. Unrestricted, uninterrupted thought.

  4. You must be truly relaxed. Dreams are the best! 😀

  5. I believe our dreams are our higher self telling us what we need to sort through and what we need to do in our lives. Some of my dreams become reality. I imagined a giant portrait of an orange cow. I painted it and now Orange cow is real Annie and waiting to find a home in the local craft gallery. Dreams when they come are wonderful. I don’t sleep very well either and so when I dream I feel blessed. Before kids my sisters use to call me the dream queen. Vivid imagination back then is slowly creeping back.

  6. I love dreaming and feel cheated when I have a dreamless night..:)

  7. I don’t usually remember dreams. And my dreams seem few and far between these days. As a child I was a vivid dreamer. I spent a lot of time ‘flying’ in those dreams.

  8. I have always been a vivid dreamer… awake and asleep. 😉 Lately, I’m very sleep deprived, but when I do doze off, my head is filled with all the stuff I’m working on, in amazing scenarios and imagery. I hope your dreams continue to be sweet and good, Annie.

    • Awake I’m an expert dreamer 😉 The other ones have not continued on a nightly basis but I’ve had more in recent weeks than I remember in years – loving that, and writing them all down.

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