Change came through the front door like the Hogwart’s bus in the last twelve months. I know that change is the only constant, and I know well the Buddha’s teaching on impermanence…even so, there’s been a lot going on.

For many years it felt like things were stagnant, as mother’s care was front and centre. Life ran by roster and schedule. I couldn’t go to the supermarket without clearing time out with siblings. Someone always knew where I was. It just didn’t seem like it would ever change.

I went to Ireland! I’ve always wanted to stand where my ancestors did and breathe. To know why I feel Irish. The opportunity was thrown at me and it all happened in a rush.

Youngest, yes the ‘sick’ one, moved to America…also unexpected and sudden, and it’s done.

And then BOOM. Mother took her last breath surrounded by, touched by, all her offspring. The roller coaster went way, way down and had to instantly speed back to the peak…

Eldest married that gorgeous guy! Such a happy night under the stars. Smiles, laughter, speeches, tunes, friends, family. LOVE.

And those four major life events took place within two months…boom.

Without pause to process, the calendar flipped over, and work should have chugged along without brain engagement. (Yes, I’m aware of how ridiculous that sounds 😉 – obviously I use my brain in the office, but I know what I’m doing and the day flows..)

Something broke between my boss and I earlier this year, and maybe it’s not my escape anymore – I can see beyond this life.

I sold the old marital home. I’ve long wanted that part of my life gone and in this current ridiculously high market it was snapped up, to be torn down…new life.

The winds of change are swirling. Next?

I begin to think I must be dreaming again, sleeping better, because I have no responsibilities. Nothing to worry about when my eyes open. No need to check in or out.

And so next year I might take two voyages of discovery. Mid year back to the US to my baby’s graduation. Before that – an author friend let me know he’s hoping to lead a writing retreat in Laos. IF it goes ahead who wants to join me….Livonne do you have any travel plans next year? Robert, February in Luang Prabang?

I think I’m going to write the Irish story in Laos.




12 thoughts on “next?

  1. Oh Annie, what an amazing post, filled with change, sadness, new beginnings (secret congratulations), new happiness, and HOPE. Look forward and see bright new beginnings and jump to join in, and most of all ENJOY 🙂

  2. It’s all good! Wow, it sounds like your life got turned upside down – in a good way. I sense a sweet freedom that you didn’t have before. I hope Luang Prabang happens for you. It will be amazing.
    Alison ❤

  3. What a whirlwind of events! Australia is a nice place (hint hint!)

  4. What an amazing journey you’ve been on – and there is so much excitement for the future! xxx

  5. Annie so much has happened in the blink of an eye. Now its your time to shine. Look ahead at the opportunities coming your way. Laos sounds wonderful, can’t wait to hear about all your new adventures.

  6. Wowza, that’s a lot! I can hear your positivity shine through in your words through all of it. That’s very awesome.

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