true north?


We went north last week where the days are warm – and the waves, and dolphins, are at the bottom of the garden. That’s no lie.

Six chairs of laughter around the groaning pizza table. Cousins on tour.

The town overflows with people – tourists; and the ferals down from the hills, wearing scent of whacky weed. All lured by the road to promise…

I heard Julia Gillard speak at the writers’ festival, and I met her afterwards. A minute of history with our first female Prime Minister.

Stop the wheel, I want to get off. This rat race feels so very wrong on return. There’s another world of wonder out there…





7 thoughts on “true north?

  1. I’ve missed being here Annie. Love the photos. Down with the rat race! xoxo

  2. I know exactly where you were – such a beautiful part of the world. I love how you call the people from Mullum/Nimbin, etc ferals lol. And meeting Julia! How fabulous. Hope she’s not the last female PM. Yes, there’s a world of wonder out there.

    • There’s some magic there isn’t there Alison, beyond the tourists and daily traffic jam 😉

      Yes ferals is a term used with fondness, no insult or judgement intended. I think the locals, the weather and the water are the magic…

      And Julia! She said she hopes by the time she’s 80 there’ll have been so many female PM’s we’d get the number wrong if asked – trying to count them quickly 😉


  3. This is a beautiful place and I’m glad you had a lovely time there. I wish I could meet Julia – you’ve done very well! 😀

    • Thanks Dianne. I went hoping to hear her at the writers’ festival knowing that was a big task – it was absolutely packed and no hope of a seat. To meet her was unexpected good karma 🙂

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