we’re on again


I woke up and it was 2016. I felt quite different from on new years’ days past…reflective, introspective. Like I was floating, and yet like I could make some sense of it all. I could sort this thing out – life etc.

I determined to map my year that day –  this year would truly be a New year. I asked the assembled siblings ‘the hard question’. I’m sure they were stunned by the fact that I even spoke!, that I initiated conversation, threw a topic out there…

What is something you will do this year that you haven’t done before?

And then before even half the first day was done, the earth spun me off my axis…I hadn’t come up with my own answer when the phone rang and my holiday was over. Home alone now, administering antibiotics and pain killers to the bruised and battered big cat.  Plans unmade, commitment to self maybe a good place to start…

I woke up and it’s the third of January – the year will zip by unmarked. Dishes to be washed, garbage to put out. My head full of the every day. The cat’s high as a kite.


15 thoughts on “we’re on again

  1. I hope your Kitty is OK. I have had company since new year’s eve, so I’m also behind. I figure as long as I plan, it’s good. Sometimes, I start my plans in the middle of the year (or even later) because that is when I’m struck with inspiration to change things. Those have always been quite successful. So I feel certain a few days late will be just what you need. Namaste

    • Thank you and I know it’s silly to have been so focused on THAT day – I can still plan and float 🙂

      The cat will be fine…she’s in a haze right now and will have another checkup tomorrow.

      Blessings to you for a new year.

      • Perhaps 1/1/16 was a clue about the rest of the year — everything will be ok, but nothing will go as planned (for us all)!

  2. Just this. And this. And this. Being and blessings and sick cats. Good to hear she’ll be okay. You too.
    2016 is just a number. Love and hugs.

  3. Happy new year.. so what will you do this year that you haven’t done before?? I’ve been away over the Christmas/New Year period so am also late starting but I’ve made up for it today and have written my list of things to do for tomorrow.. 😀

  4. Good to see you in this new year Annie, making plans and being a presence once more in this world we call blogging. Perhaps the cat chaos was a gentle reminder that, while we can plan and plot, life will always find a way in. Maybe small goals make the ‘making sense’ more doable 🙂

  5. I love the way you’ve written this!

  6. Its an up and down and sideways this life hey Annie hoping the cat is better and you find some clarity.

  7. Oh no. Don’t trust that going by unmarked voice. Say yes to the voice that tells you this year, it will happen. And then be vigilant about telling the other voice to go take a long nap:).

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