family history


There’s a perfect new life next door.

I searched her sleeping face for my own baby but this is another mix and, though my genes are there, she carries the line of three other grandparents – and all the generations before them.

My link to the Irish farmers of my father’s blood feels so strong and completely denies the maternal half of my father, not to mention the ancestors on my mother’s side. How diluted then is the pull to Omagh for this little one? I like to think she is safely watched but do they actually fight above the crib in the dark? All those accents of her past…


7 thoughts on “family history

  1. Lovely Annie, all that we are from the past housed in one tiny new body. Congratulations 🙂

  2. Beautiful, Annie xxx

  3. I think the ancestors are near us and do watch over our life. A beautiful reflection and I just found out my ancestory is Irish too. Maybe we are connected in some way? Happy Easter.

  4. Congratulations Annie what a wonderful experience, new life and unconditional love.

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