Travelling ghosts and shadows

I’d love to be someone who doesn’t even understand the symptoms of anxiety. Has no clue about it. I don’t wish to lack empathy or compassion! but it’s exhausting taking it everywhere with me. Let me enjoy this long planned trip to Boston. Let me not drag the weight of this fear around every day. 

On the other hand the dark pools I’ve fallen in and the clinging vines I’ve fought through have made me a person I actually really like. It’s all contributed. 
I can do this at home – a full day without fear! Trip goal. 

(Is that pathetic?)


6 thoughts on “Travelling ghosts and shadows

  1. Not pathetic, just how life sometimes is I think. You have already noted the brighter spot that is the newer you coming out from darkness. You have the strength and it will follow you, to Boston and beyond 🙂

  2. Oh I think you’d be surprised how many of us carry around some level of anxiety – just about everyone I’d imagine. I guess it’s just being human. Not remotely pathetic. Just love that little scaredy cat. Give her a hug. You’re right – it’s what got you to where you are. Have an awesome time in Boston!

  3. Annie I understand to some extent as I get a mild anxiety that can be quite crippling at times. My son has very high anxiety and I know how hard it is for him every day. Im trying to teach him to push through it so he may one day go on a trip to Boston or see the world. I hope you live in the small moments and take it from there. I have always wanted to see Boston, went to the states many times yet never made it. I look forward to reading all about your trip and I hope the anxiety decides to take a holiday too and leave you in peace.

    • Thanks so much Kath, I did have a wonderful time with a bit of minor anxiety at times. I hope that your son soars – whether that is right where you are, or across the seas at some time.

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