american days

Three weeks of them to be exact. I spent most of that time in Boston, a brief window in NYC, and a few halcyon days in the Hamptons.

Yes, dear readers, I’ve been places I never imagined.

The Boston of this trip, my second time there, was such a friendly city. A little familiarity goes a long way. I had my bearings.

What a gem of an airbnb apartment I started out in. So close to everywhere I needed to be, and so private. Down a tiny lane, off the main street, beyond the security gate an oasis courtyard! and a sweet little home away from…

So much joy at the youngest one’s graduation – hats in the air on the steps of the library, and later, four flights up, champagne with all the day oner’s.

When in Boston don’t miss the Public Library. Go on in and I so doubt you’ll be disappointed by the beauty… Visit the Mapparium – I can’t really say why but it’s like nowhere you’ve been… And if you see nothing else you shouldn’t miss the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. That place will never leave you. What a wonderful gift she gave the world! I’d love to have known her…

oh and hey, have a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry in the North End πŸ˜‰


Boston Library



New York was all traffic, sirens, and bar stools.

A long drive to the Hamptons and another world. Slow paced towns one day bursting with the summer crowd the next but the contrast from NYC – the space, trees, wild deer. And Something’s gotta give beaches…
The rich and famous are all there apparently, but all you’ll see of them is a hedge.


There were many other adventures such as the disastrous second airbnb, the hotel room intruder and meeting two of Boston’s finest Po Po (SUCH gratitude to that hotel’s staff, and the PoPo themselves), oh the lovely Public Garden, the much photographed line of ducks, the coffee shops and bakeries, stumbling across Buddhist art by accident, riverside walk by the Charles, the many angels I met throughout my holiday. The emotion of the last day.


And then home.


9 thoughts on “american days

  1. I was in Boston when SIL attended MIT, and NYC when daughter attended Columbia.

    Enjoyed the visits, but really like things on a smaller scale and more spread out.

  2. So glad you enjoyed your travels, Annie. You sound content! πŸ˜‰ xoxoM

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip. What are Po Po?

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