I still hear you

A friend of my sister’s died yesterday, from cancer.

And my thoughts go to my own old friend, Al.

We had some great times here, at the beach house. Talking about life, love. Sliding doors, slammed doors. Sorting out the world. And laughing! Oh how I miss her laugh… I wish I had a recording of her laughing – she was the whole room’s positive energy in an instant.

Her children smile in photos, from across the globe, and my hope is they have inherited her sunshine spirit in overdoses. I can’t imagine the last while, listening to her incessant cough that no medicine could stop. The endgame chemo that was just to ease the pain and fear, no tangible result and yet – what would those final earth weeks have been like without it?!

When she died, I promised myself I would live.

The sun is shining, the crazy 5.30am wind has gone, I will sit on the deck and watch the wild sea til this winter sends me in.


10 thoughts on “I still hear you

  1. A lovely tribute and remembrance Annie. I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

  2. My deepest condolences. Don’t try to be tough. Just be.

  3. Oh Annie, this got me all choked up. You are a beautiful friend. I am lucky that I have yet to lose a close friend, I can’t imagine the loss. Love to you!

  4. Annie, how wonderful that you can conjure Al’s laugh and the joy she brought into your life, and sit with her while the winter winds rage. We miss the body…the Love is Eternal. xoxoM

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