no sanctuary in empty words

I’ve just spent a couple of days at the beach house. It instantly comes to mind when I see the word sanctuary. In reality though, we carry our sanctuary around inside our own heads, don’t we.

It seems like, almost every day this month, there’s been bad news story after horrifying news story. I went to the beach to clear my head but why should I be able to escape hearing about the pain, and fear in the world that others are living?

Last night in Australia the news was all about our appalling juvenile justice system, and, warning the vision is disturbing. Prior to that, on four separate news breaks throughout the day I heard the Health Minister apologising for the tragic error that caused the death of a newborn boy – nitrous oxide instead of oxygen pumped into the little fella. I felt like throwing up, not just at the story, but the ineffective ‘apology’.

Where is their sanctuary? This mother…and those young boys.

Sanctuary|The Daily Post



8 thoughts on “no sanctuary in empty words

  1. It is impossible to escape the world isn’t it, unless you venture off into the wilds with no coverage or battery life or devices. Unfortunately though, it will all be there waiting upon return so perhaps even a momentary escape is truly no sanctuary anymore.

  2. Holding fast in our internal sanctuaries, Annie, is a service we can each offer for our individual and collective selves. Hold fast, my friend! xoxoM

  3. This is why I never listen to/watch the “news”. Turn it off Annie. You don’t need to know about all that, you’ll be saner without it.

  4. Heart breaking. I’m shaken, with you.

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