tree change or sea change?!?


Looks like a painting doesn’t it? Australian colonial bush…

That’s the view I woke up to last weekend. We spent three days two hours up the road, in the vineyards, and woke to that view and the sounds of birds I didn’t recognise. Those bird calls must have woken me as a child but I don’t remember…perhaps I had no interest then.

The cottage is in a little valley of peace. I walked, breathed slowly, and just was. Time moved very slowly. The hill out front, beyond the vines, close enough that you could make out specific trees. So many varieties. Kangaroos and wallabies in the paddock behind – statues, so nearly camouflagued as the tree stumps and rocks they posed beside.

At night we cooked outside, sang, danced, and gazed at the stars.

We took long drives during the day, on windy dirt tracks, past farms we can’t afford.  A strange encounter with a Hare Krisna devotee. Yes, in the middle of nowhere he stood in the middle of one of those dirt roads and flagged us down. We were invited to a lunch celebrating Krisna’s wife Radha’s birthday. Thanks but we had vineyards to visit, books to read (no internet/phone reception!), country air to breathe without conversation…

I think I want to live there. At least part time.


4 thoughts on “tree change or sea change?!?

  1. Such a beautiful, uplifting post!

  2. It looks and sounds idyllic. Love the Ausssie bush.
    Alison xo

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