how deep is the sea

At the beach house at night there is only black on the other side of the glass wall. During the day a range of blues – sea to sky. Constantly changing sea, flat and calm, wild, frothy, green, grey…mostly blue.

Right now I don’t even know it’s out there. How far down is the bottom? What rages and threatens beneath the surface? How ordered is the marine world? Is there a war going on down there, do they all coexist as well as they can (apart from the edibles), or is it all quite haphazard and chance as to which ones survive…what happens when all the lights go out? I guess it’s mirrored on land.

Just as the same view is different every time I turn around my beach mood cannot be predicted. Mostly I love nothing more than being here alone. Tonight I’m wondering why I’m here, wondering if I’ll always be alone, wondering why I’ve resigned…is there anything I’m not second guessing?!

Today was a bad day in the office and my head has been swirling ever since. Two months and counting. I need some distance. A good sleep and a sunny morning will change my world.




17 thoughts on “how deep is the sea

  1. Hoping you had that sunny morning! ❤
    Diana xo

  2. A walk along the beach, with the salty waters lapping at your feet grounded in the sand should help, Annie! 😉 xoM

  3. Up and down days…Sorry that they are a part of your life Annie. I try to tell myself that mine will pass, which is a not always effective way to tell myself to “make a decision already and get on with life!”

  4. I have days/nights like that too. I can count my blessings and still see plenty that feels all wrong in my world.

  5. We don’t have a sunny morning here, but it’s been so hot I’m kind of happy 😉 I hope your morning is sunny xxxx

  6. Nothing better than the sound of aves crashing on the shore when you cannot see the sea. Hoping your week got better Annie.

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