october – two faces


October flings open the french doors, urges everyone outside
summer won’t let spring hold it back
sunbeds out of hiding, binoculars ready
it’s blue to New Zealand….with intermittent whales

this October for me is just the month after the resignation
long nights of fractured sleep
tight tight shoulders, intense pain
muscle pain, nerve pain, pain in my feeling heart
tears too close to the surface spill unexpectedly

and then the deck
fill my lungs October air, let the sun release the knots
pick up the binoculars…

In response to October poetry challenge – what does October look like to you? Why not enter? Or, go read the others 🙂


22 thoughts on “october – two faces

  1. Your October reads like a prayer dancing with a mantra. And I love that. I join my words to yours, and wish October eats all the pain… and makes things all better before the winter. ♥

  2. So wonderful when October has a breath of warmth.. hope the summer embrace you well,

  3. I love how this reads like a prayer 😀 so serene and calm 💖

  4. binoculars ready
    it’s blue to New Zealand…

    Lots of what October is but still it must be prepared, ‘binoculars at the ready!’


  5. Oh yes! Fling open those French doors! I love that you came out to play. It’s good for those tight tight nerves. My daughter is coming to New Zealand in February:) I like your description of it being blue with intermittent 🐳 🐳

  6. I love it flinging open the French doors……..it sounds like October is a transition month for you….to finer things, I trust.

  7. Your lines about breathing the Oct air — I feel the lungs filling, the coolness – the releasing. And what can be seen in that Oct? A sky full of beauty. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Love the hopefulness in this! Happy Spring to you.

  9. “it’s blue to New Zealand….with intermittent whales” I can only imagine how magical that would be!

  10. Sounds like it is a beautiful time to stretch one’s wings. 🙂

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