ah, november



Every day in November I’m going to do a blog post. Those of you who haven’t seen me around much for a while Surprise! I’ll be here daily!

And you can check out a lot of other wonderful bloggers right here who are doing the same thing…show them some love? #NaBloPoMo #CheerPeppers
It feels like a crazy time for me to be doing this, but when does life ever run smooth…

I’m still at work, still not loving it and just on the countdown to the last walk out the door. Hoping it happens anytime but it should be at our office year end. Cross your fingers for a quicker release and watch this space.

Other news this month is an out of town wedding to attend, roadtrip! I’m going to schedule ahead in case I get too busy, and some of November’s 30 days you might just get a photo from me, or a link to an old post (thanks for those tips Rara xx). There won’t be a theme, a rhyme or reason to my month of posting – I’ll be all over the shop.
read on!

2 thoughts on “ah, november

  1. Hellos! It’s surprising when it shouldn’t be..but it really does seem like most bloggers ARE gluttons for punishment..lol. But it’s FUN!!

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