box of chocolates, life




Where’s that box of chocolates when you want it? Life eh…

I’m not even sure what day it is since I’ve taken a few extra days off work – your mind gets out of whack then, doesn’t it. Feels like Tuesday but wait it’s Wednesday.

The little one had her regular drug pumped in Tuesday. It’ll keep her bowel behaving for the next 8 weeks – or that’s the plan. I swear that child is a Bodhisattva. She’s calm, accepting, so generous of spirit, and a patient patient. The two hour turnaround took four hours. Two hours with a cannula in just waiting waiting. She counselled staff, learnt their stories and talked life options until the good stuff was flowing and they left her to soak it in, in peace.

And then, what was it we were going to do in the evening? Oh never mind let’s just turn around and go back to the hospital. Emergency this time. My sibling lost sight briefly. Twenty four hours and counting, she’s still there. Tests I’ve never heard of yet to rule out, or determine. Juggling mini stroke, or polymyalgia?!?

Positives from the last two days? Little one is in remission again YAY that. Sibling looks fine! and is enjoying having meals brought to her, and the enforced rest 😉 And how very blessed are we to live so close to such great care.



9 thoughts on “box of chocolates, life

  1. I love how you made things seem better with your gratitude .. 🙂
    I hope all will be well with the sibling!

  2. Phew! Glad to hear the good outcomes for both.

  3. Such good news about your little one, Annie! And glad your sibling is receiving great care. Remember to care for yourself, too. Not out of selfishness…you’ve got to have what it takes to give! 😉 xoM

  4. Eek! Hope your sib gets this figured out, mighty scary! Way to go, Annie, a post a day… too daunting for me! I’m happy when I can find the words for one, these days. 😉

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