It’s on! Today I’m being metaphorically walked out of the building! I wanted to leave earlier than the end date so I can’t be unhappy but still it’s a shock and all…

Don’t come in tomorrow, then come Friday for a ‘brief handover’.  Um, ok, so I don’t need to wash my work clothes this week?!

For the short term at least I have to get used to not checking my calendar when someone asks me to do something. There’s a few hours of blank space three days a week now that I can do whatever the heck I want.

I’d like a few weeks of absolutely nothing! And then we’ll see.

Blank space must be filled though. And headspace must be cleared. I’ll talk to someone.





6 thoughts on “next?

  1. Transitions, Annie. Just transitions…;) xoM

  2. Well yay for you! Perhaps this will end up being an easier way to move on to whatever comes next…:)

  3. All the best for whatever is ahead..and may it be awesome!

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