another day, another blog post



Day five – the day he brought the painting over


When the little one came back from studying in the US she was two years different, and her old home friends had flung themselves all over the globe. She needed a new set of buddies. Change can be good. Change is good. Listen to your mother.

She has so many positive personality traits. And she set about getting involved in varied interests (creative, athletic, humanitarian) so that, before long, her iPhone beeped incomings again.

Instagram is a wonderful thing and on an instameet she met a couple of gentle, interesting and talented souls to share time with.

I sent him a photo of the beach house view. He’s been painting it for five weeks, and brought it round today. I closed my eyes while he propped it against the wall, where the light was dancing.  He wanted to video my reaction when I first saw it but didn’t hit the record button! Second, fake attempt was hilariously overacted 😉 but I genuinely love it.

My little piece of the peace there, here. It’ll be the first thing I see each morning.

Little one makes friends – a bonus for mama!



7 thoughts on “another day, another blog post

  1. Day 5???? I’m still at Day 4! Where art thou in this world of ours to be on Day 5??
    I really do like your story telling..I don’t know just feels so…nice..hehe.

  2. Oh I wish you had taken a video of the initial reaction!

    Mama always know best xxx

  3. Oh, good! Joy is in the (beach) house. Yaayyy!!! 😉 xoM

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