here to serenity

This month I’m participating in NaBloPoMo with #teamtinypeppers. Click on the badge to read the words of some bloggers I rate highly.


Turns out that the door I was shown last week revolves. I’ll be back in the office this week and for a few more. Let’s not talk about it, my heads hurts, I’m emotionally exhausted.

At some time in our earth years we probably all get taught, that not everyone you deal with has your best interests at heart. Sadly, even those you’d so least expect it from will whip you with words, then back pedal faster than you’d think a human could, to save themselves…

Even so, I feel much calmer than a month ago. I’ve managed to say what I think and while he grabs for control I actually hold the cards.

I plan to exit the rollercoaster gracefully, leave the fun fair, and set my gps to serenity.




8 thoughts on “here to serenity

  1. Yay! It’s a process, Annie. Each step helps you claim your own strength and repel the hurts more firmly. Yaayyy!!! 😉 xoM

  2. I think your wisdom will carry you through. Glad you hold the cards!
    Alison xo

  3. Some of what you said resonates with me too. Revolving doors are long as we remember to not get stuck in it for too long 😛

  4. Sounds like a good plan Annie, I wish you every success.

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