promptosaur no. 37


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Promptosaur no. 37 asks – Tell us about the first person you ‘fell’ for.


Ah….sweet love

He was a young doctor, and working for my father. A smile that would melt anyone’s hardened heart, and flutter your hormones. Dimples, dark hair, a surfer with a Kombi. A gentle nature and a voice that…anyway I fell for him.

A couple of years ago he said to me ‘you only thought I was cool cos I was an older man’. Nah baby don’t forget our house was constantly full of people, all types, all ages. You just were cool.

He introduced me to the Buddha Dharma, and asked me to live with him. I so wished I could. I was in love with him for the longest years…and years. I am content now but he could still easily have my heart back, if it all changed.

He’s been with the girl he met after me, ever since.




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