secret women’s business

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Yesterday was a shocker really. Petty stuff at work, the work I’ll soon be done with. Remind yourself that. Breathe. You’ll be walking the opposite way soon enough. (in comparison to what Rara must have experienced in prison I have no excuse for not coping with the back and front stabbing of these last few weeks…)

Then I came home to sit with my two daughters, granddaughter and watch the US election coverage. Moods sinking. Absolute disbelief. A sex offender President? What just happened – seriously?

Life is not a bad reality show…or is it now?


9 thoughts on “secret women’s business

  1. We’ll see, Annie. You just get yourself out of there whole!;) xoM

  2. Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? Wow, it was supposed to be a comedy about the future of America where they fall into complete disrepair and a World Championship wrestler is president – seems to be coming true 😉

  3. Well…according to some ancient scripts and if I am not mistaken, Carl Jung..the thought is just that. That this thing we call life is in fact an illusion which is what reality TV shows a way.

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