today I’m quoting…


I’ve just finished reading Susan Duncan’s book ‘Salvation Creek‘, for the second time. I remembered that I loved it first time around because after some sadness, and searching, she ends up living near the beach house…and just knew it was where she was meant to be. I’m always hoping to find my place, just like that one day.

Anyhoo with so much change and uncertainty swirling around me lately, what really struck me this time was right near the end.

page 396

‘When I look back, I realise many of the times I thought were so tough that I might not recover taught me instead what I needed to know and understand to grow stronger. They led me, eventually, to more joy than I ever thought existed.’




8 thoughts on “today I’m quoting…

  1. It’s really cool when we re-read books that we love..and different parts stand out to us..or sometimes even the same things take on a different significance.

  2. Wise words from someone who has found happiness. I struggle with the ‘eventually’ part though…It feels like eventually will never come, but perhaps that’s my own fault and a push to get off my a** and do something about my own situation. I don’t want to keep saying eventually. I need NOW.

  3. Ahhh…soul nourishment, Annie! 😉 xoxoM

  4. I feel just the same way! Hang in there. Everything passes.

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