this day



Some days at the beach are just days of me and the view.  Nothing much happens and that’s perfect. The little one arrived this morning and her friend came to lunch, so there’s been a bit of talking, a bit of cooking but only the wind is over excited. My stay has generally been quiet and calm.

I went out to buy cheese for tonight’s pizza an hour ago, at the fancy shop down near the wharf, and realised it’s the first time I’ve left the house since I got here. Some visits are like that. Others I’m out and about daily and interacting with friends and locals.

The little one has had a completely different day. They drove off and joined a beach packed with daytrippers just when the surf lifesavers were searching for a lost swimmer. The story ended well but the scene was eerie apparently – all silently watching as if in freeze frame yet the lifesavers moving swiftly.  On their way back up to the house a kookaburra flew through the open window on the passenger side leaving them both speechless again.

what does any of it mean?!


One thought on “this day

  1. Wow! I’ll take the quiet. Thank you, Annie! 😉 xoM

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