thinking ahead



I’ve done all sorts of meditations over the years including just meditating – ie not a guided meditation, not a specific focus. And when I’m calmest and all is well in the world that is the best thing ever.

At the moment, as soon as I’m aware it’s a new day, I begin a focused meditation. Focus on five breaths…notice five things I feel (the fur of the cat sleeping next to me, a pain in my shoulder etc), five things I hear (usually my breath, the cat purring, birds outside and the last two vary…maybe traffic, a door closing, a voice in the street below my balcony).

I was thinking of it just now while listening to the printer. Print. Print. Print. Instructions on how to get into the house, our grocery delivery order, car rental agreement, the schedule of a Lama visiting from Canada in February (can I make any of his teachings?) etcetc.

Tomorrow I’m heading north for a wedding. I won’t take my laptop, we may not have internet, I definitely won’t have time and so I’m scheduling ahead. When you read this I hope to be having a massage (that pain you know!), or lying by the pool…




6 thoughts on “thinking ahead

  1. Mantra repetition synchronized with breath is my go-to meditation technique, Annie. Have fun at the wedding! 😉 xoxoM

  2. I’ve never done a focused meditation before? What’s the reasoning behind it?

    • for me it’s just – when I’m not at my most calm and need something to lead me into meditation I’ll focus on the breath etc…when all is well with the world I don’t need it – just meditate 🙂

      • Ah…ok..thank you! That makes sense! I’ve been doing abdominal breathing (I’m sure there’s a yogic or Sanskrit name for it..but I don’t know it..hehe) 25 times in the morning..supposedly every morning, sometimes I forget! hehe. It does help me calm down just a bit..but my mind keeps wandering off! lol.

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