goals – getting through



Last week my goals all revolved around getting myself out of town for this trip / wedding. Life seems ridiculously simple and privileged and yet you know that stress has a home here for about another month so, a lot of these menial tasks are about controlling something, getting through days.

I cleaned my room for the cat sitter. Though, when I say cleaned…I moved things from place to place and when I get home I either won’t be able to find things, or will have to move things all over again to do the urgents – bills, etc.  I cleaned my bathroom, I packed. I left notes, I emailed, she’s well listed. She sent back laughs and smiles emojis.

I’m scheduling this post ahead, the wedding is over as you read (three days in the future as I write) and I’m now on the roadtrip home. Do you think Tuesday’s a strange day for a ‘goals for this week’ post?

This week – I really want to relax and enjoy the two days it’ll take to get home. Enjoy the time with the little one, discovering coastal towns we’ve never seen. Waterfalls and national parks she’s mapped for us. Perhaps there’ll be photos or stories I can end out this month of blogging with…

And then I’ll have two days of work, the volunteers I most enjoy working with choosing to come in end of week instead of their usual day when I’d be on the road. A big meeting with the weird beard to avoid, and we’re almost done!

Simple goals – to look in awe at the natural beauty on the trip home, see how beautiful our world is, breathe, smile, go slowly.


4 thoughts on “goals – getting through

  1. Did you achieve your goals. I loved the last line 🙂

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