a month like no other


November is a long long month. No doubt committing to a post a day increased the bulk of these 30 days and might have been a little crazy…but it’s just been full on anyway!

Birthdays either end of it – his starts us off, hers finishes us. Silent, sullen types both. Family skeletons that rattle in the slightest breeze…but never engage.

Three close family members with hospital experiences.

The famous roadtrip. The usual suspects all gone north for a few days to a week. Coffee with neighbourhood friends 8 hours from home! The magical hinterland wedding – there’s even video of me on the dance floor.

Humid days, sleepless nights while the overhead fans hypnotise. Mangoes, amazing muffins, geckos. Little magpie larks divebombing me in the pool.

Home. And the beach house.

The push me pull you work situation has drained me. A tsunami to my month. I always thought that one day I’d write about this amazing job. After years at home getting it was a miracle, and there were such positives in the last several years – but the ending? definitely the stuff of fiction, and therapist couch conversations.

Let’s go in to December to rest. And 2017 is a completely clean slate. I think it’s the first year that begins with no plans, no idea what’s next. I just know it’s going to be a great year.


8 thoughts on “a month like no other

  1. You’ve certainly cleaned the slate for a great 2017, Annie! 😉 xoM

  2. Phew! What a month. Wishing you much joy for your new life to come! Here’s to 2017! One day I’d love to hear the job story.

    • Thanks Ali, onwards to a positive new world eh 🙂
      I’m restless after the roadtrip and with no horizon…feel like taking off but have to count the $.
      Ah the job – yes it’s a book I’d like to write but I’ve always been vague to protect the innocent (and guilty – may they thank me!). Wonder if I can get away with it… xx

  3. Ah..December is a good month for rest.and for reflection. And I like your idea of not having any plans as such going into the new year except knowing that it will be a great year 😀 Yay!

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