doing it


today I’m just feeling sad

it will come and go

I had breakfast with my former assistant and I guess I don’t need to hear about the office anymore….stirs things up

I’m running on very little sleep after the neighbour’s party – we all know no sleep drags you down…

but then I came across this article about mentors and goals and I love it so much

January 1 let’s all make a list of say, twelve things we plan to do in 2017 that we haven’t done before






7 thoughts on “doing it

  1. Hah! That would be an interesting exercise, Annie. I focus on today/tomorrow, and planning for a year feels daunting! 😉 xoM

  2. Good for you. I remember what it was like to have lunch with my former assistant shortly after leaving a job I had for 20 years-not fun! ❤
    Diana xo

    • It was awful but on the other hand I really like her and she wants to stay friends…I guess I just need a bit more time? Not nice hearing about how great the new guy is! (though hey I should be happy for them all of course) xx

  3. Never done before? I can’t even get through what I should be doing! Ahahahahahahahah. I have clicked the link on a new tab..and will look at it once I’m done catching up on blog reading 😀

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