animals, all around


afternoon cockatoo sky

and my salty skin

after dark – possum party overhead


9 thoughts on “animals, all around

  1. Oh I love those after dark possum parties. One time at the coast from Canberra I sat in the living room of the beach house we’d rented at 3 in the morning and watched two possum families including several little ones raiding the two bird feeders. It was magical. There’s something so special about watching wild animals do their wild animal thing.

    • Agreed! Wild animals make it all ok. Such a great afternoon yesterday with the cockatoos. I rarely see possums but they make me laugh so much, racing back and forth on the corrugated iron roof all night. xx

  2. Ooo pretty! Where do you live? I see banana trees..hehe.

  3. Annie love that you are surrounded by nature it soothes the soul. The cockatoo is gorgeous sitting there soaking up the day. Hope it gives you lots of pure energy.

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