a day like any other


Today was a day like any other. Any other during a heatwave that is. Meaning – air con on and stay where you are!

So, I was trawling social media…and a post popped up in a support group I follow and the day took an intense turn. A young woman asked if the amount of medication she had on hand was enough to end her life. What an amazingly wonderful group of people – all living with a chronic illness, often misunderstood and dismissed – delivered a constant stream of messages until we were sure she was safe. A paramedic from another state tried to get someone to her home. Someone from her actual city offered to go to ER with her. Kindness screamed from my screen and overwhelmed me with joy in the midst of such sadness. We are all connected.

There’s a whole team, unseen, walking with her now. So glad she reached out. She spent the afternoon at the hospital, went home with antidepressants and therapy sessions set up and a collective sigh of relief went round.

Tonight, I saw a tv show I’ve never heard of before – Henry Winkler and William Shatner were in Tokyo. Laugh? I did 🙂

Intense day – strangely good start to the week.


11 thoughts on “a day like any other

  1. What a powerful story. Thank you for sharing! ❤

  2. Annie I wish I could have done more for my brother, but he did not reach out like this person did, we never knew how he really felt, covered it so well. Even though he was loved so much his deep depression won in the end. I hope she gets the support she will need as the days go on. I always wonder what I could have done better for my brother. Thankfully your group could reach this person before it was too late.

    • Kath, it’s so hard for those who loved and are left behind. I’m sure you did all you could have in the circumstances. As you say he didn’t reach out…and there comes a time for some when it feels like it’s the answer. no judgement xxx you love him and it was internal for him don’t beat yourself please xx

      • Nineteen years gone Annie and still missed by all. I don’t beat myself up about it but I do have that little thought or what if, only natural I guess. Hope you have a great week, we just got some much needed rain down here yay!

        • I replied to your initial comment too quickly Kath. I can only begin to imagine how you feel, and I’m guessing it’s a lifelong pain. Totally natural to wonder what ifs and I wish and so on… xx

  3. Yes, we are, indeed, all One, Annie. And social media does offer us opportunities to express the best of That. 😉 xoxoM

  4. Powerful! What a a reminder that we are indeed all connected… as I plug back in, after a week of no wifi. 😉

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