b is for birds – #atozchallenge


The doors are open, and you know there is safety on this deck while I’m here. In bone warming sun I’ll just look out to sea, breathing in your whispers as you all fly by.

Ra says I gift your blue to the ocean…you don’t need it. Splash your orange and red, and soar higher. Light up the sky for me, little rainbow ones.

Cockatoos choose when to share their hidden magic yellow. Take us under your wonderful wings.

Sing the tune the world expects to hear…and then fly this way. I will always keep your secrets (just ask Ra).



2 thoughts on “b is for birds – #atozchallenge

  1. I always enjoy the pictures you get of the birds that visit. Actually I’m envious that I don’t like in a place that has visitors with such amazing color… We have a lot of brown and black winged creatures around here 🙂

    • Thanks Deb. Those beautiful birds are up the coast a bit, at a beach house I wish I lived in 😉 but am grateful to visit from time to time…nothing like that where I really live either! xx

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