memories waiting


Do you remember where you were when you heard JFK was shot? A line on a tv show that’s rhubarbing in the background…but a line I’ve often heard in social settings.

Before my time but instantly I remember where I was when I heard Robin Williams was dead. I was in a Starbucks on Newbury Street. The little one was in line and I was using the wifi and checking facebook while I sat near the window. When something big happens you can’t avoid it on fb. Not something I wanted to know, let alone sitting there, a world away from my comfort zone.

The little one’s new apartment was literally across the road. What I don’t remember is whether we already knew that – were we there to look at it, to meet one of the guys? Or were we just randomly on Newbury Street and she wanted something with caffeine… She was in that Starbucks so many times over the two years that she doesn’t remember that particular visit anyway. It was my first and only time but I wonder if I’d remember if not for the image of my screen and my disbelief.

Who knew I’d ever go to Boston. And then in two years I went twice. There are bits of Boston that I know now! I doubt I’ll ever get back there but I have to remember, when darkness is sliding down the sky and blanketing me, that I didn’t ever have the faintest clue I’d see Boston in this lifetime…so who knows what’s next. It’s not over yet.


13 thoughts on “memories waiting

  1. Rhubarbing? That’s a new one for me!

  2. JFK was before my time, but I remember exactly where I was when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, and when Princess Diana died. And yeah – who knows what’s next? It’s not over yet!
    Alison xo

  3. The death of Princess Diana, the moon walk, *Robin Williams (still can’t believe it!), Bowie, Prince, my father’s death (44 years ago today)… The moment my daughter told me she was pregnant. Yes, life is filled with mystery and all kinds of blindsides. Who knows where any of this is headed, but many days, it’s not about the bad blindsides but those wonderful moments, when you’re getting coffee with your daughter. Life, it’s a wild ride for sure!

  4. I don’t recall this tragedy but like others have stated, there are many where I remember with precision where I was and what my reaction was.

  5. Yes to Princess Di, Neil Armstrong on the moon and when Nelson Mandela got released.


  6. I was a month shy of 6 years old, and I remember vividly. I hid behind the couch.

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