night terrors

Last night I had one of those screaming dreams. I’m not sure if I screamed out loud or in my head but it woke me, and scared me.

Anyone else have them?

They’ve been on the increase this year…I don’t know why and there’s a million reasons why.

panic feeding panic

9 thoughts on “night terrors

  1. I didn’t have a screaming dream tho I have in the past way back, but I had two disturbing dreams a couple nights back. Don’t know what about just that I woke up afraid. 😦
    We’ll be okay.

  2. I have never had a screaming dream, just those really disturbing, recurring ones every so often. Sometimes, like most recently, it is a dream/nightmare that reappears after a long hiatus.

    One thing I read was to gently let yourself go back to sleep as you think about a ‘new’ ending to the dream — it’s as though you are trying to reprogram the dream to be less disturbing. It has worked for me.

    Sending you thoughts of calm sleep and panic abating.

  3. Not a screaming one, but I’ve had where I wake up talking about what I was saying in my dream.

  4. I haven’t had screaming dreams, but I do occasionally have nightmares. The last two nights I have dreampt of unpleasant things. Last night I dreamed that my house was suddenly invaded by all sorts of bugs. They were everywhere, like it rained bug or something. The night before I dreamed that some people that lived across the street from me knocked on my door and when I opened it to see what they wanted they pushed their way past me. One started using my telephone (a man) he was speaking in language I couldn’t understand. It sounded Russian to me. The grandma started to get stuff out of my cupboards and fridge. I kept demanding they leave and trying to stop them, but they didn’t understand me and ignored my demands. Most of my dreams are happy lately, but omg. LOL

    • OMG is right 😐

      My screaming ones always involve someone knocking or trying to get in. They usually don’t but it’s me screaming at them to go away, or for my son-in-law to come help me.

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