Spin Reaction GIF by Simon Super Rabbit

when you were younger did you ever spin on a swing, have a friend twirl you….for ‘fun’?

this time around it’s not fun…roll over in bed and you’re falling through layers of air, water, life

stop walking keep moving

vertigo…had no idea

have you had it? tell me all about it

15 thoughts on “spinning

  1. It’s awful Annie. So sorry you are having to deal with this. I’ve experienced it maybe 10 times over the last few years and I know exactly what you mean. I think mine is BPPV so it comes and goes on occasion, more often when I’m in bed but lately I’ve had a few moments when moving too fast into different positions. I hope you can find some relief

  2. Do the best you can. Take care.

  3. Yeah walking on boardwalks is pretty sketchy if you look down while you’re walking. Not fun. Hang in there. 🙂

  4. Loved to spin as a child. The forgot about it for years. Then in my, ahem, later years I went with a friend to an amusement park and we went in one of those rides where you sit in a semi-circular banquette and it spins back and forth as the entire contraption spins around. OMG! We were both so nauseous afterwards. I guess only young bodies can tolerate it. OTOH I can spin like a Sufi no problem.
    Much love Annie
    Alison xo

    • Ha ha I can picture it! And yes, it used to be fun! Even as I wrote that about younger people though I thought hang on what about whirling dervishes, ballet dancers, ice skaters….heaps of people twirl. Not me 😉

      • I’m a huge fan of competitive figure skating and I’d watch them come out of a fast spin of many rotations and immediately go screaming down the ice and do a triple jump. One day I thought if they can do that and not get dizzy so can I. So I more or less taught myself to Sufi spin from that.

  5. I used to have a “sit-and-spin” as a child and I would use it for long periods of time. I loved it! Hahaha…. vertigo is no fun,

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