grounding exercise

5 things you can see – the allergy tree out the open front door, waving it’s mischief in the wind; the cat, skinny, curled, asleep; sibling’s white hair above the newspaper; clutter, so.much.clutter (not mine o houseguest); the screen on which I speak to you

4 things you can feel – itchy eyes (hey hay fever!); the armchair arms under mine (holes in fabric dug by mother’s elbows); my toes curled in canvas shoes; tight shoulder muscles

3 things you can hear – windchimes somewhere in the street; the ever present inner city siren (paramedics); newspaper pages turning

2 things you can smell – sibling’s overpowering perfume; sibling’s lunch pickles

1 thing you can taste – ‘builder’s’ tea


One thought on “grounding exercise

  1. I’m late to the party by about 6 months but OK:). I’ll play. 5 things I can see: a blank posterboard, my glass of water, birthday gift for a friend, my lit salt lamp, the stray shoe my dog carried in from the living room. Four things I can feel: the smooth warmth of my tunic, the hard edge of my desk as I prop my foot on it, my own soft skin, the itch of my eyes from spring pollen, the beat of my heart. Three things I can hear: spring lawn mowing, silence of quiet house, my printer. Two things I can smell: my perfume, wet spring. One thing I can taste: crisp, clear water.

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