I wish we were having coffee…


unnamed(this coffee from an earlier, healthy time)

If we were having coffee, and I wish we were, I would tell you that I’m still getting over pneumonia. Maybe you know what that’s like?

Being ill reminded me of how well I’ve been for a long time! Even though I feel achey and old I have been really well compared to this.

I would tell you what wonderful nurses both of the cats have been, little hot water bottles on my feet as I blend in to the couch. They’re missing the big kids too and are unsure of this new world order.

If we were having coffee today I would share with you how much I have to get done before she who rules the world arrives and casts disdainful eyes over the abode, wipes fingers along surfaces and tuts. I don’t have the strength to get started. Mother would have said it’s psychological – I often get sick before the great sibling’s arrival.

I have a light week and I hope I can get back to normal activities.

What would you tell me? What’s going on with you, what are your stories?

(inspired by Write On)

24hr blood pressure monitor

Have you had the pressure of your blood tested over and over, over a 24hr period? And do you have white coat syndrome / phobia about said bp readings?

Welcome to my recent world. My doctor decided that, given the readings she takes are always high, a 24hr test would give her a clearer picture. That I’d ‘forget it was on’. Um…beep beep, buzzzz, no you can’t ignore that. And if your arm is out of position, or the arrow on the ‘I’ll get the large cuff’ isn’t pointing at the vein inside your elbow then you’ll get the double beep, and double inflation.

The technician who fitted it could use a class in wait, filter your words before they are spoken, if you ask me… (Example above – on seeing me enter the room, and after getting the ‘large cuff’ then ‘I’ll adjust the halter, I had a smaller woman before you’. Thanks, witch.) She also managed to share, in the short time it took to hook me up, that if having my bp taken made me nervous I should be medicated for anxiety. Hello? White coat syndrome is a thriving industry – I googled it! And as I headed home ‘good luck, hope it doesn’t hurt too much’!

Anyway, it’s done now. I tossed and beeped and turned and buzzed all night and I even slept through it twice. I don’t actually care about the results. I hope the doctor is happy.


Oh, tune in next week for go ahead, take as much of my blood as you can get away with and leave me standing…

a day like any other


Today was a day like any other. Any other during a heatwave that is. Meaning – air con on and stay where you are!

So, I was trawling social media…and a post popped up in a support group I follow and the day took an intense turn. A young woman asked if the amount of medication she had on hand was enough to end her life. What an amazingly wonderful group of people – all living with a chronic illness, often misunderstood and dismissed – delivered a constant stream of messages until we were sure she was safe. A paramedic from another state tried to get someone to her home. Someone from her actual city offered to go to ER with her. Kindness screamed from my screen and overwhelmed me with joy in the midst of such sadness. We are all connected.

There’s a whole team, unseen, walking with her now. So glad she reached out. She spent the afternoon at the hospital, went home with antidepressants and therapy sessions set up and a collective sigh of relief went round.

Tonight, I saw a tv show I’ve never heard of before – Henry Winkler and William Shatner were in Tokyo. Laugh? I did 🙂

Intense day – strangely good start to the week.

who’s counting?

Daryl is singing to me while I write to you. The kids are always joking he’s my next husband but we all know that’s not going to happen. I mean we’d have to meet first, right!?!

How the heck did I get here? In one minute it’s 55 years since I was born. There it goes. The clock ticked! Only a couple of years ago I found out the time of my birth so it was actually really cool to watch it on the screen just now.

The tests were all clear but I guess you knew that would be the outcome. It’s the waiting, the anticipation that’s the worst. Note to self – in future when you ring for an appointment take the first one, don’t give yourself weeks to wimp it up!

I keep dodging bullets! No excuses, the big girl says ‘you’re so much healthier than you think you are’…yeah.

Just one more tune. Wait, Billy Thorpe is third ahead – he can sing to me then I’ll go upstairs. We’ll see what 55 looks like in the morning 😉

(throw your hands up in the air if you know who daryl; and billy thorpe are. geography will out you methinks)