the little cat


don’t you love that moment when, after countless figure of eights, the cat settles down next to you and – leans in



de-cluttering of sorts

The little one, who has impressive counselling qualifications, did a workshop on what comes next with me. This involved taping flash cards to the big glass doors between the kitchen and the world, and then spending a minute or two thinking about the word written on each. Ideas waterfalled under those first cards…but you’re left very tired and with more questions. It’s not meant to sort things out straight away.

We did this because ‘I feel you’re a bit lost at the moment’…

Aren’t we all? And aren’t we always?

I’d like to stop this post there. But I’d also like to tell you that I’m spending today decluttering my inbox, while listening to the two-up game being called at the pub a couple of blocks from here. The ringkeeper is loud…without even going to look I can see the crowd spilling out on to the surrounding streets from every doorway. Anzac Day – we pray at memorials at dawn, watch marches on tv all day until the football comes on, and/or we get drunk. And we remember them. Lest we forget.


This is going to sound strange. I was going to say even to me but maybe that should read especially to me!

Here it is though… If I’m home alone during the day I put the tv on. Yes, I’ve been watching day time tv. And, there’s nothing on so I found myself on the religious channel.

I’m definitely NOT a Christian – you all know that by now right? I’m finding it uplifting just the same! I guess I’m approaching it, removing the god word, like motivational speakers. Like Hay House type sessions. #joelosteenrocks #justsaying and #youknowit !