saturday, best day ever


Had a great coffee with the two girls, in Newtown, today. Just across the road from Stacks of Wax. Maxed out on wax after the caffeine. My car is so small that we only just fit three of us, and all the candles, on the way home. Wedding prep list – illumination CHECK.

We’re all at an age that there’s so much joy in time spent together. Smiles and so much laughter today.

First thing was breakfast closer to home. Ice whipped our legs while we queued for a table. Apparently the eggs benedict was ‘best ever’ and worth the wait and the shivering…

Then, the last dress fitting. I don’t know how to describe the love felt in that shop. What a wonderful job that young man has – creating such beautiful taffeta things, making countless women so happy.

We did the tiniest bit more shopping between bridal wear and candles, along with a mad dash through rain and an abundance of giggling.

Tonight, with the heater struggling to take the frost off us, and the cats a pair of curly curls in amongst us…we ate schnitzel and cabbage together, watched the rugby and talked about the holiday to come.

Probably a whole day of ‘best ever’. Saturday.


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gratitude increases happiness




Just saw this on Buddhist Boot Camp‘s facebook page – love it!  He suggests putting up a chalk board, whiteboard or whatever in your house – get creative and put it out there. What makes you happy?


Today I’m grateful for the cool temperature; my mushy cats; my big bed; a day off; and the absolute silence in the house 🙂






when you leave the Gompa


I’ve written about being on retreat but did I ever write about leaving the temple?

About how, on about day three a nun walking passed as my feet crunched the red gravel to the back door commented ‘you’ve got the third day glow’.

Imagine from day three to day ten a constant gentle smile. We all had it. We walked slower, talked a lot less. And we all smiled. Contentment. Inner peace. Serenity.

Now picture an airport. A major city airport check in area. Go through security to the shops before the departure gates. The departure lounges. Now see me, floating after ten days of bliss slowly finding a place amongst that madness. Watching. Hearing the sounds but not putting anything together. Just hearing rhubarb. No words, not making sense of sentences. Watching almost as though from behind a blurred screen. Seeing people dashing to and fro and thinking – why? Slow down, what are you doing. Shh. It’s time for afternoon meditation. Shh.