january peace post


Hi Kozo 

Happy new year 🙂

I believe, as you said, that we can change our brains by what we think. It also stands to reason then, that collectively, we can change energy.  You asked us to focus on one thought this year – maybe for one month later in the year we could all try focusing on the same thought? Or even one day – let’s see what a difference a day makes 🙂

Meanwhile though, in answer to your post and following something I read previously from Nicole at Cauldrons and Cupcakes  I have chosen the power word HEALTH for 2014. This may seem not to relate to your request to focus on something relating to peace however I’m already focusing on health, and a healthier me will be a peaceful me.  A peaceful me spreads peace at home, at work, and in the community.

May all sentient beings be well and happy

x annie


A letter to another blogger is a ‘new element’ for zero to hero day 6 




the art of peace


Kozo came up with the idea of mobilising bloggers for peace months ago and the gathering grows, the blogs flow..

Here we are in May and for this month we’re asked to relate art and peace – you can go over to his post HERE to read the details, maybe join in?


byron bay



At the ripe old age of 50 I discovered the joy that is Byron Bay. 

The next year I went back for a longer visit, rented a house and this photo, peace to me, is the bottom of the garden.

As the plane was landing at Gold Coast Airport instead of ‘welcome to blah blah it’s x degrees’ the pilot said ‘Welcome to Queensland, jumpers off!’ (That’s sweaters to those of you across the sea…) . Picked up my rental car and drove south to Byron. Those Queensland Tourism tv ads from years back ‘Ah Queensland – beautiful one day, perfect the next’ are just….true! There’s a joking rivalry between our state and those above us on the map but I defy anyone to spend time there and not admit how lovely it is.  Oh, of course Byron is actually at the top of our state but I’m talking about the area in general.

Anyhoooo where was I? 


When I found the house, opened the back door, looked out at what lay in front of me, I walked straight to the bottom of the garden where the ocean meets the rocks meets my backyard for a week. I went right to the edge. Down the path, on to the rocks and sat. I looked at the water breaking on the rocks, coming and going. I looked out at the horizon, at the waves rolling in. Back to the spray at my feet. Mesmerized by every little droplet – incredible nature. The gift of peace right there 🙂