animals, all around


afternoon cockatoo sky

and my salty skin

after dark – possum party overhead


noble silence

I didn’t speak to anyone today. That wasn’t in my plan. I did go out but I just didn’t engage.

I heard people speak – at the lookout, at the beach.


I can see people on the neighbours’ balcony – first time since the old man died and his son renovated. And they’re all talking to each other, drinking tea, looking relaxed.

And I have heard so many different birds. Some singing such beautiful songs. Others squawking and screeching – no other way to describe it!  The prettiest little birds, rainbow coloured, have the shrillest voices! Just as suddenly as the symphony began, it ended. Now absolute silence outside. Inside the overhead fans are both spinning. Same make, same model, both on high – yet each with a sound of its own.

This morning’s early drizzle scared off by summer’s last fling. And because of the heat – the town area full of day trippers so, I didn’t hang around. Took some photos and stared out to sea from my spot in a line of local surfers. All gazing and deciding whether to get the board out.


talking to locals

You might know her? She’s young and gorgeous. Goes to the supermarket in her gym gear. I’d be intimidated, would expect her to be super confident and superior. I didn’t have time though – and isn’t that the wonder of it. A good kick in the judgemental gene.

I was all caught up in my head while I transferred from trolley to belt and hadn’t looked at her, didn’t have time to make that silent call, when she spoke to me.

We bonded over raspberry yoghurt.

It was only a brief chat but I appreciated that more than she probably knows. Including me in her community with grace.  What a lovely young woman – my hope is that, like her goodbye to me, she has a great weekend.

I am having a great weekend thank you. Birdsong from the front of the house, waves from the rear. A large family of Noisy Miners doing what they do best – being noisy!! Ha ha. Their play session turns aggressive. They even swoop the much larger Magpie and I know she has at least one baby to feed so I try to give her some space while she eats… Her baby sings while waiting and what a beautiful voice! And a mass of sailboats glide on by…I guess they’ll be back later.

Did you talk to someone new today?

haiku days


In response to a few days of Kristjaan’s prompts… (click on his name to see other entries, or join in – you know you want to!)


Carpe Diem #359 Wildflower


sway to irish lilt

close your eyes smell the wildflower

could be you are home


Freestyle #5 (x 2 – the beach; the city)


same sea different sea

serenity horizon

draws me back to calm




dear ice cream on wheels

take your greensleaves and sugar

roll a different street


Tan Renga #24 Managua Gunn’s ‘puddles on the forest path’


puddles on the forest path

frozen with leaves and pine cones

no place for stars to play     (managua gunn)

icy branches overhead

the drips of spring months away    (bodhi)


Carpe Diem’s Special #69 Hando’s 5th ‘caught by the call’


early morning laugh

baby kookaburra visit

swooped by the mama








your story : house


I’m using sethsnap’s photo prompt – click on his photo to see what I mean…



Ohio Christmas


Is that my house? I like it. The tree is moving. Can’t you see that?

As I sit at the dining table looking at the picture of this house I notice the reflection in the laptop screen. A moving tree. A large chunk of the building behind me. The image merges with the one before me.

I would like to live in the house in front of me.If I turn, the building behind is ugly. Dancing on the screen, skipping in and out of reality, it’s all quite lovely.