b is for birds – #atozchallenge


The doors are open, and you know there is safety on this deck while I’m here. In bone warming sun I’ll just look out to sea, breathing in your whispers as you all fly by.

Ra says I gift your blue to the ocean…you don’t need it. Splash your orange and red, and soar higher. Light up the sky for me, little rainbow ones.

Cockatoos choose when to share their hidden magic yellow. Take us under your wonderful wings.

Sing the tune the world expects to hear…and then fly this way. I will always keep your secrets (just ask Ra).



beach run

Three of us sitting around the large, glass covered wooden coffee table silently busy with our devices. Faces lit up digitally. Two siblings and an offspring. Mother, daughter, aunt. Self, child, sister. Unconnected.

Facebook, Instagram, online games… I look up, at the two other faces, and wonder at just how special the fact we exist is. And that we’re here in this room together tonight.

Earlier today I spent an hour on a rectangular shaped plastic covered air block, floating on water and pondering the plants and animals around me. Little grey birds flew so low over me to the grevillea at the left of the pool (left if you’re looking out to sea). I marvelled that we have these plants in our garden that can feed these wonderful creatures. I wondered if they think I’m an intruder in their home and therefore the ‘swoop’… I smiled as I watched them basically dangle upside down while eating, while watching me.  I floated closer. They bravely stuck it out. Or was that defiance in their pretty eyes. Grey body, kohl around the yellow eyes. Yellow beak a splash of colour.

The green leaves of some Australian native bushes are closer to grey – these little birds cleverly camouflaged. I blinked and they’d been replaced by one of their flamboyant cousins – beautiful rainbow lorikeet.

Shortest beach holiday in history. Must I leave tomorrow? Must I show myself in the office Friday?

From my bed in the sleepout I hear only the waves breaking – at home I often drift off to a meditation app on my phone, tonight I have one of my favourite sounds live, and up close. Even one day here is enough to lower my shoulders and widen my smile 🙂

smile, breathe and go slowly – thich nhat hanh

beach birds


kookaburra welcome 

brush turkey day one



wild rabbit day two


king parrot 

brush turkey day three



lorikeets late to the party day four, ate from my hand


possums running races on the roof every night


wedding down at whalie night three

so much rain, the cold is coming and the first fire night four

one more day, one more night




The word of the week, for this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is surprise – but you guessed that didn’t you 🙂

Here’s a couple of photos of birds I surprised…and one that surprised me!

palmie rainbow lorikeets when good birds go bad..


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